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Why Scan?

Some might wonder...what is the importance of scanning documents? What can this do for me and my company? Why should I have my documents scanned and maintain a paperless office? If you are looking for the answers to any of these questions, allow us to inform you!

  • You save money and time!

    • Our document management and scanning services will save your company time and money! You will be able to decrease the time your employees spend filing and searching for important documents, making them more productive. You can also eliminate paper, ink, file storage, and costly printer repairs from your budget when you go paperless with IMS

  • Eliminate clutter in your office!

    • Are your file cabinets overflowing with paperwork? Is your desk piled high with stacks of paper that you have to constantly thumb through to find what you need? Scan those documents with IMS and create a more tidy office space and have access to your documents instantly!

  • Protect your files from security risks and natural disasters!

    • How quickly could your company recover from a fire, flood, or other natural disaster? When you go paperless and store your files electronically your down time would be nonexistent. Make sure you are prepared to keep your business functioning through any possible circumstance when you revolutionize your office.

  • Enjoy easy document and file sharing between employees!

    • Make it easier for your staff members to work with each other! Our document services will allow your company to be more collaborative and keep your employees on track to meet deadlines. When several people can have access to documents, staff can constantly edit what they need to, eliminating the need to print revisions. Everyone will always have the most up-to-date copy right at their fingertips.

  • Help the environment!

    • Let's not forget about the contribution you can make to the environment! Scanning your old files and having them shredded will allow that paper to go back into the recycling stream. New paper is constantly being made from recycled paper so you could make your contribution then completely eliminate the paper use!


Services Include:

Document and Photo Scanning and Indexing


Records Management  and Archiving


Book Conversion


Web Content Management


Collaboration and Workflow


 Consulting Services 


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