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The Importance of Keeping Electronic Records in Today’s Society

Thursday, July 30, 2015

In the modern world, business records can take many forms. They can include paper documents, electronically created documents, e-mails, information from web transactions, and more. Although paper has historically been the most common method to keep records, in recent years electronic records have completely out grown paper. The U.S. federal government even launched a $19 billion incentive program a few years ago to encourage more adoption of electronic healthcare records.

As this technological transition continues, a major problem that many companies face now is that half of their records are paper and the other half are in an electronic format.  This can often slow down work processes and create confusion amongst employees.

The easiest and most effective way to fix this issue is to go completely paperless or as paper-less as possible!

Get rid of all of those paper documents and make your office more cohesive with an electronic document management system.

Information Management Solutions can use document imaging to convert those paper records into electronic records. This process makes work easier on you and your employees and allows your business to become more productive while staying up to date with modern technology.  In addition, it will help those businesses who must meet state or federal compliance requirements stay on top of things.

Choosing to transition to a paperless office with IMS will provide security for all of your documents.  You will be able to create unique identifiers for each record and control access to each document by individual or group. With electronic records you can prevent unauthorized changes to the documents and audit who is accessing them.

Today’s society is rapidly switching over to electronic records. Going paperless puts you in full control of your important documents and keeps you and your company technologically advanced.



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