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IMS is Vital in the Medical and Healthcare Fields

Friday, May 15, 2015

Information Management Solutions continues to play a beneficial role in the medical sector. All medical and healthcare agencies have very sensitive and personal paperwork that requires careful safekeeping. It can be detrimental to the functionality of the organization if this paperwork is misplaced or misfiled. Here at IMS we understand that your patient's privacy is of the utmost importance. IMS ensures that all files are easily accessible and always secure.

IMS provides a safe and easy to use and affordable electronic healthcare records management system that enables healthcare providers
of all types to organize, manage and track documents and records in compliance with regulations such as HIPAA. Any type of healthcare or business-related document is supported, including medical charts, patient notes and transcriptions, billing records, office administration documentation, and other paper and electronic documents.

IMS can organize and manage paper or electronic medical records and related documents generated from the time patients arrive and
complete an admittance form through interactions with a physician or other healthcare provider and on through the entire process of
transcription of physician notes, medical coding, billing, insurance, and other healthcare operations. Paper documents can be quickly
scanned and converted to electronic form becoming full-text searchable and managed together with electronic documents in a single
centralized system. IMS provides a very flexible method of classifying and organizing documents by any criteria such as by patient,
procedure, physician, date, etc., any property can be defined and associated, or tagged, to any type of document.

As we discussed, privacy is a priortiy for us here at IMS. We support compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by providing multiple layers of security including usernames and passwords, data encryption, and access permissions on a per document basis so only authorized personnel can access confidential documents and information. In addition, you will have a complete log and audit trail making it easy to view and verify all document activity.

IMS provides speedy and secure access to electronic healthcare records, electronic medical records and related documents associated with healthcare provider operations helping to improve efficiency and avoid delays in the billing process. Handling and storing paper document and associated manual processes are slow and inefficient. Paper is expensive and bulky to store, difficult to find, easily lost or destroyed and costly and time consuming to ship. Electronic healthcare records and other documents stored and managed in IMS are instantly available by typing in a keyword or two and kept secure at all times.


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