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Monday, February 08, 2016

Quality Products We Highly Recommend!  

Is your business in need of a new printer or scanner? Or maybe you are in need of certain software that will help with productivity. You deserve to have quality products that will be good for your small business.  

This is why we at IMS want to share with you a few of the quality products we use in our office. These products keep our office running very smoothly, and we would love to help your business be more efficient as well!


The first product we want to introduce is Box. This is a cloud based secure way to share content. It was designed to improve collaborations for businesses of any size and on any device. You can easily upload content, organize it into folders, share links to files and manage file/folder permission. All you have to do is drag and drop them from your desktop to Box. 

 We use Box among our employees and it works very well with our day to day tasks. It takes the extra step out of emailing work back and forth because everything we want to share is automatically uploaded to the cloud.  

We share projects with each other and we are able to edit each other's documents.  There's no wasting paper by printing or making multiple copies. The original drafts are right at everyone's fingertips, and only a final draft is printed if needed.  

There's even Box Mobile for when we're on the run, but still need to go over content. You can access your account on any device while still being completely secure! 

Another great product we use in the office is Docusign. Many businesses are still using inefficient processes such as printing, faxing, scanning, overnighting, etc. The purpose of Docusign is to make it easy to upload and send documents for electronic signatures.  

Everything is done in just three easy steps. First upload whatever common document format you are using from your computer. Next you add the names and email addresses of your signers and other recipients. You even specify the order of signing. Lastly, drag and drop Docusign tags that will indicate where you need a signature, initial, or dates.  

This is extremely helpful when dealing with contracts for our clients. It allows us to get documents signed quickly, and there's no delivery charges. It's a more efficient way of doing business! 

These are two great products we wanted to share with you this month. We will discuss even more products on our next blog post 


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