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Are You Really Being Productive?

Friday, October 30, 2015

It’s Friday evening, and you’re headed out of the office for a weekend getaway. You’re on the road when you realize you forgot to file all the paperwork that was pushed to the back of your mind for later. Now you have to decide whether to cut this trip short in order to finish or, head to the office extra early Monday morning.

If you don’t want to do either you’ll have to carve out time during the week to complete it. Of course new paperwork will be coming in on top of the old paperwork you should have filed. You ask yourself “Why do I do this every week”.                                                                                                                    

Do you realize you are creating unnecessary work for yourself and/or your employees by taking the time out to file all of that paperwork? Yes you are getting things done for your business, but would you really consider filing paperwork as being productive?

Productivity is known as achieving or producing a significant amount or result. You aren’t necessarily achieving or producing anything by filing paperwork. Hours that could be spent working on the business are being wasted on filing.                                    

At this point you are headed for a pile up. Why not take a new approach when dealing with paperwork? A paperless approach is actually what would benefit you the most. Did you ever think that you could increase your office’s productivity by simply becoming a paperless office?

Transitioning to digital files will make it easier for your company to focus on the business you are trying to run. It will help you stay organized, as well as give you easy access to all files at any time. Keeping up with technology allows your business to keep up the productivity, and stay afloat with others.

 Don’t let manually filing paperwork hold your business back from being productive and overall growth.  


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