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Apps in April

Monday, April 11, 2016

At Information Management Solutions we offer top quality scanning services but going paperless doesn't end there. Luckily, thanks to technology, there are ways to do some things on your own. We will give some tips and tricks on how to use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to complete the next steps to becoming a paperless office.

Some businesses don’t encourage employees to use their electronics in meetings because they think their not paying attention to the matter at hand. And although that can be true depending on the person, there is a lot of benefits of using electronics in meetings. For instance, Evernote is a free app where you can take notes and organize them. You can sync all your devices to the app so that you have your notes wherever and whenever. This ensures you won’t lose or damage your notes like you could on paper. The app also allows you to share your notes with other users,  which could come in handy when trying to create a more connected office space.

A personal favorite is, Google Docs. You can collaborate with a team of people to create a document, slideshow presentation and much more. You can allow others to edit or limit their abilities so that they are only able to view the content. You may think having too many cooks in the kitchen could cause problems but Google Docs has a feature that shows you who has access and edited your document. And the best part is it’s free, just sign in with a Gmail account.

Small but just as important as big documents - receipts! Think of all the torn, missing, balled up receipts you have in your home, car or purse. Make it easier on your customers and yourself by investing in Square. Square makes receiving payments a breeze by sending emailed receipts. Your customers will appreciate the e-receipt because they can find and organize it with a click of a button. Square also cuts down on space. They offer three different equipment options, all of which are compact.

    These are just a few of the many apps that could come in handy when going paperless. We hope that they help. Do you have any favorites? Comment and let us know if we missed any great apps!


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